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About Us

About Company

Established in Lahore in 2018, with the futuristic high-tech power energy solutions, Saver Solar quickly established itself as one of the leading off-grid and grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems providers. Having young trained experts of solar energy entrepreneurs, the company has built its reputation on the ability to design, source, install, commission, operate, and maintain Solar Power Systems and offer complete turnkey solutions at competitive prices either in on-grid or off-grid schemes. Moreover, the company can respond to client queries quickly and efficiently because of our structured decentralized system.

CEO’s Message

Sustainable energy solutions and integrating solar power technology in the field of compassion for me. The interest developed while studying in the master’s program of Renewable Energy Systems (London, UK). The technological advancement in renewable energy conservation and transforming it with the use of IoT into a decentralized system creation is the pinnacle of what we do.

Pakistan is one of the most resourceful countries in the world when it comes to the solar radiation exposure. The sun bombards around 165,000 Terawatts of Solar Power on Earth every day. The total energy requirements of the Globe are less than one percent of the energy emitted by the sun.

Saver Solar is one of the largest companies, offering the best economical solar energy solutions to achieve the energy efficient and environment friendly lifestyle.

Saver Solar specializes in high-tech solar solutions from design, equipment selection, professional installation, to after-sales service.

Engr. Adeel Warraich
MSc Renewable Energy Systems ( London, UK)
Phone: +92 322 8484113

Director’s Message

Our commitment towards achieving the zero carbon footprint in the energy sector is something which drives us to become key players in providing the advanced solar integration solutions in Pakistan. So we continue to lead the way toward an environmentally conscious future, with intelligent systems that make the realization of endless energy possible.

Malik Majid
Phone: +92 303 7668427

Project Management Specialist

Our Value system

We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation. Integrating ethics into all aspects of our business functions.

Our Vision

To become the leader in Solar Power Generation industry through innovation and enhanced services and utilization of advanced technologies.

Our Mission

To provide high-end solar solution and exceptional social service that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Meet Our Team

Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Renewable Energy Engineer

A National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) graduate in Energy Systems Engineering.  He has experience of Designing & Testing of PV Systems & is leading the team of Engineers as Technical Head.

Ejaz Ahmad

Ejaz Ahmad

Electrical Engineer

An Electrical Engineering graduated from NCBA&E. Ejaz has experience of testing and commissioning of PV Systems. He also works in the area of technical costing of projects.

Muhammad Asif

Muhammad Asif

Senior Electrician & Installer

Muhammad Asif is a senior Electrician & Installer. He has 6 years technical experience of Electrical wiring.

Saif Ur Rehman Saifi

Saif Ur Rehman Saifi

Trainee Engineer

Saif Ur Rehman Saifi graduated from Imperial College of Business, Lahore. He joined as a Trainee Engineer.