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About Saver Solar

Established in Lahore in 2018 to serve the Pakistani market, Saver Solar became a pioneer in providing grid connected and off-grid Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems in Lahore. The company having young energy entrepreneurs has built its reputation on the ability to design, source, install, commission, operate and maintain Solar Power Systems and offer full turnkey solutions at competitive prices either in on-grid or off-grid schemes. Structured in a decentralized way, the company is able to respond to its clients’ needs in a very quick and efficient way.

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We provide end-to-end solar panel solutions for all industry sizes

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Our Projects

Mr. Mohsin

( Residential Solar System )
System Capacity: 10KW

Mr. Yasir Yasin

( Residential solar System )
System capacity: 5KW with 2hr Battery Backup

Mr. Sajjad Warraich

( Farm House )
System Capacity: 5KW with 4hr Battery Backup

Malik Haq- Nawaz

( Irrigation solar system )
System Capacity: 7Hp

Alpina College

( Satellite Town Bahawalpur )
System Capacity: 15KW

Beacon house College

( Bahawalpur )
System Capacity: 10KW

Solar Financing

Solar Financing is available with lowest markup rate

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