Canal View Project

Canal View

This cutting-edge solar system features Longi Solar Grade A Solar Panels and the latest Huawei 20KW  Inverter, boasting an impressive 99.5% efficiency. This ensures optimal energy conversion for both household consumption and feeding excess energy back into the grid. Notably, this project exemplifies Saver-Solar PVT LTD’s commitment to providing intelligent, efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions. With the potential for both economic and environmental benefits, this system stands as a testament to the future of renewable energy in the residential sector.


367A Canal View  Housing Society, Lahore

Solar System Configuration:

– PV System: 15KW Longi Solar 560W Tier-1, Grade A Solar Panels
– Inverter: 20KW Huawei Grid-Tied Inverter
– Green Meter: Three-phase Bi-directional energy meter

Financial Overview:

– Total Yield: 30,566 KWh (Units)
– System Cost: 2,600,000/- PKR 

Electricity Bill Statistics:

– Electricity Bill before System Installation: 90,000-10,000/- PKR
– Current Electricity Bill: 68,786CR/PKR (as of DEC 2023)