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Grid tie solar system with net metering

A Grid-connected Solar System with Net Metering is designed to be connected with Net metering is an exporting unit of solar energy solutions to reduce the electricity bills by transferring the excess solar Photovoltaic production back to the power grid. It tracks the energy flow between the grid-connected solar system and the utility grid.

First, the meter records the energy generation and consumption to show aggregate units of electricity production. Then, it regulates the surplus unit back to the grid, and the consumer is charged only for the net usage of the electric power. The regulatory body of NEPRA Pakistan determines the rate of the power unit.

Grid tie solar power system

The grid-tie solar power system uses solar panels to generate energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity. The solar system includes the mounted solar panel facing the source of the sun, a wiring system to transfer the energy to the building and the power grid. The grid-tie system is a beneficial system to reduce electricity bills. It is a one-time investment formula that can ease you for a long run of an energy-efficient and environment-friendly lifestyle.

Solar water pumping system

Solar water pumping system is a stand-alone sustainable and economical solution best for livestock, reservoirs and irrigation water supply. It uses solar panels to generate power that supports the water pumping system. It is the best solution for remote areas and has low maintenance and installation cost. This is the ideal water withdrawal system for green energy combined to produce reliable, eco-friendly and economical solar solutions.

Hybrid solar power system

Hybrid solar power is a high-end combination of tie grid solar systems aided with inverters to conserve electricity for later usage. It is an easily programmable system and can be customized by the available resources, i.e. grid, solar, batteries and operate independently with essential power load. Thus, it is one of the most sophisticated systems of green power generation and storage.

Stand-alone/off-grid solar power system

The off-grid solar power unit is an independently operating system consisting of solar panels, inverters and battery banks. It is not connected with the electric grid and needs a more extensive battery bank. It is an eco-friendly solution to generate power using solar energy in remote areas.