SAJ-R6-25KW Grid Tied Inverter 2MPPT 3 Phase


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R6-15~25K-T2-32 Series Datasheet

  • The maximum AC apparent power of the SAJ-R6-25KW On-Grid Solar Inverter is—25000 VA.
  • The rated AC from the solar inverter is up to 29 amperes.
  • The maximum generated AC from the model—33 amperes.
  • The grid frequency range moves from—50 Hz, 60 Hz/44Hz-55Hz, 54Hz-65Hz.
  • The power factor of the model is 0.8 leading – 0.8 lagging.
  • THDi (total harmonic distortion) is less than even 3%.


The SAJ-R6-25KW Grid Tied Inverter 2MPPT Three-Phase Solar Inverter comes with a warranty of up to 5 years. This solar inverter model is considered super-efficient as the DC to AC conversion ratio is merely up to the mark. The recommended accessed DC power is up to 25000 Watts. Likewise, the solar inverter MPPT module can handle a maximum DC voltage range of 180 – 900 V. The voltage required for the starting of the solar power inverter model is up to 220 V. On the other hand, the minimum DC voltage as the input is 2200 V. There are two MPPT modules installed in the solar inverter for better conversion efficiency.

Input (DC)
Recommended accessed DC power1 [W] 25000
Max. DC Voltage [V]
MPPT Voltage Range [V] 180-900
Nominal DC Voltage [V]
Start Voltage [V] 200
Min. DC Voltage [V] 180
Max. DC Input Current PV1/PV2 [A] 22/22
Number of MPPT 2
Number of DC Connections Sets per MPPT 2/2
DC Switch
Output (AC)
Rated AC Power [VA] (@230V,50Hz) 25000
Max. AC Apparent Power [VA] 25000
Rated AC Current [A] 36.3
Max. AC Current [A] 37.9
Nominal AC Voltage / Range 3/L/N/PE, 220/380V,  230/400V, 240/415V; 180V-280V/312V-485V
Grid Frequency / Range 50Hz, 60Hz/44Hz-55Hz,  54Hz-65Hz
Power Factor, Adjustable [cos φ] 0.8 leading ~ 0.8 lagging
Total Harmonic Distortion [THDi] <3% (at Nominal Power)
Feed-in 3L + N + PE
Max. Efficiency 98.5%
Euro Efficiency (at 600Vdc) 98.2%
MPPT Accuracy >99.9%
Internal Over-Voltage Protection Integrated
DC Insulation Monitoring Integrated
DCI / GFCI / Grid Monitoring Integrated
AC Short Circuit Current Protection Integrated
Thermal Protection Integrated
AC Surge Protection Ⅲ (Integrated),Ⅱ (Optional)
String Current Monitoring Integrated
DC Surge Protection Ⅱ (Optional)
DC Fuse Optional
Anti-island Protection Monitoring ADD
DC Connection MC4/H4
AC Connection Terminal Block
LCD Display 3.5 inch Graphic LCD Display, Backlight
Display Language English
Communication Port 2*RS485 + 1*RS232
Communication Wi-fi / GPRS / Ethernet  (Optional)
General Data
Topology Transformerless
Consumption at Night [W] <0.6
Consumption at Standby [W] <10
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +60°C (45°C to 60°C with Derating)
Cooling Method Intelligent fan
Ambient Humidity 0% – 100% Non-condensing
Altitude 3000m ( >2000m power derating)
Noise(DBA) <35
Ingress Protection IP65 (Indoor and Outdoor installation)
Mounting Rear Panel
Dimensions (H*W*D) [mm] 640*450*232
Net Weight [kg] 33.0
Standard Warranty  [year] 5 (standard) 10/15/20/25 (Optional)
Certificates IEC/EN62109-1/2,  EN61000-6-2/3, IEC61683, IEC60068-2, IEC62116, IEC61727,  VDE0126-1-1/A1, VDE-AR-N 4105, CQC NB/T 32004, G83/2, NBR 16149, NBR 16150,  C10/11, EN50438, Rd1669, UNE206006,  UNE206007, G59/3


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