SAJ-R6-10KW Grid Tied Inverter 2MPPT 3 Phase


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R6-(3-15)K Series PV inverter

  • The recommended accessed DC power intake of the solar inverter is up to 12000 watts.
  • The voltage range of a single MPPT module is from 160 – 900 V.
  • For the starting up of the PV inverter model, it takes almost 200 V.
  • The minimum DC voltage ratio that can be efficiently converted is; 180 V.
  • The number of DC connection sets per single MPPT is 2/2.
  • There are two MPPT modules integrated with this solar panel inverter model.


The SAJ-R6-10KW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter has an imminent power capacity of 10000 Watts. Maxpower provides a working warranty of 5 years, thus, ensuring robust working capability. Before getting to the inverter model’s description—the SAJ by Maxpower is ultimately known for the finest conversion efficiency of DC to AC power and sleeky/robust structure. Now, getting on to the working of the Suntrio Plus 10 Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter. Here, are some important input ratios of this solar inverter model;

Protective Features

The protective features integrated with the solar inverter model ensure durability and sustained performance. These are;

  • Internal Over-Voltage Protection: If the circuit faces any over-voltage situation, this usually can burn the device—the internal over-voltage protection feature cuts the power and shuts down the system to prevent any superior harm.
  • DC Insulation Monitoring: The DC insulation monitoring is integrated to make sure the DC power input is on point.
  • Grid Monitoring: The grid connection requires to be monitored so that in case of any disruption, the user is notified immediately.
  • AC Short Circuit Protection: In the output module, when the DC power is converted into AC power, short circuits can be imminent rarely—this feature protects from damage.
  • Thermal Protection: Overheating is one of the sole reasons that most electrical devices fail to sustain proper performance. The thermal protection prevents any preliminary or viable harm of overheating.


The topology of this best solar inverter model is transformer-less. The Suntrio 10K On-Grid Solar Inverter has a nighttime (or when not converting energy) consumption of less than 0.6 watts. On the standby mode, it has consumption of less than 10 watts. The temperature range optimal for the suitable performance is from -25 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. As one of the most durable solar inverter 2021, it is integrated with an intelligent fan for proper cooling.


This solar panel inverter gives input (DC) voltage ranges of about;

  • The max DC power is 12000 – DC voltage is about 1000 watts.
  • Its MPPT voltage ranges from 160 to 900 volts.
  • It comes with a nominal DC voltage of 600 – min DC voltage is 150 and a start voltage is 180 volts.
  • The number of MPPTs it gives is 2.

The output (AC) gives various voltage ranges;

  • The max AC apparent power is 10000 VA – rated AC is 14.5 and the max AC is 15.9 volts.
  • It gives the frequency of 50 and 60 Hz.
  • The nominal AC voltage ranges from 220/380, 230/400, and 240/415 volts.


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