Saver-Solar PVT LTD proudly presents a state-of-the-art solar energy system situated in the heart of Aitchison Society, Lahore. This advanced system is meticulously designed, featuring LongiSolar Grade A Solar Panels and Inverex hybrid Inverter, boasting an outstanding 98.5% efficiency. This technological marvel ensures not only optimal energy conversion for household consumption but also seamless feeding of excess energy back into the grid.

The commitment of Saver-Solar PVT LTD to deliver intelligent, efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions is vividly illustrated through this groundbreaking project. By integrating cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices, this system stands as a beacon of progress in the residential sector.

Solar System Configuration:

  • PV System: 6.5KW Longi Solar 540W Tier-1, Grade A Solar Panels
  • Inverter: Inverex Hybrid Inverter
  • Green Meter: Three-phase Bi-directional energy meter

Financial Analysis:

  • Total Yield: 28,566 kWh (Units)
  • System Cost: 1,525,000/-PKR

Electricity Bill Insights:

  • Electricity Bill before System Installation: 90,000-10,0000/- PKR
  • Current Electricity Bill: 55,864 CR/PKR (as of DEC 2023)

This solar initiative not only demonstrates the potential for economic savings but also champions environmental sustainability. With a transformative impact on electricity bills and a positive contribution to the grid, this system sets a remarkable precedent for the future of residential solar solutions.

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