Iqbal Town

Introducing our cutting-edge solar energy system, a testament to innovation and sustainability proudly crafted by Saver-Solar PVT LTD. Nestled in the vibrant community of College Road, Iqbal Town, Lahore, this intelligent and highly efficient solution redefines energy consumption for a greener future.

Solar System Configuration:

  • PV System: Embark on energy efficiency with our 10KW on Grid Longi Solar 550W Tier-1, Grade A Solar Panels, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • Inverter: Powering your home intelligently, the 15KW Sungrow On Grid Inverter boasts the latest technology, achieving an impressive 98.5% efficiency.
  • Green Meter: Track and manage your energy consumption seamlessly with the three-phase bi-directional energy meter.

Key Features: Experience the pinnacle of solar technology as our advanced system showcases Longi Solar’s Grade A Solar Panels and the cutting-edge Sungrow 15KW Inverter. With an extraordinary 98.5% efficiency, this solution not only optimizes energy conversion for household needs but also allows for surplus energy to be seamlessly fed back into the grid. Saver-Solar PVT LTD’s unwavering commitment to intelligence, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability shines through in this groundbreaking project.

Financial Overview: Witness the impact on your energy landscape with a total yield of 23,536 KWh (Units). This transformative system comes at a competitive cost of 1,500,000/- PKR, promising both economic and environmental dividends.

Electricity Bill Statistics: Feel the relief as your electricity bills undergo a remarkable transformation. Before the installation of our solar system, the electricity bill ranged from 70,000-90,000/- PKR. As of December 2023, there has been a substantial reduction with the current electricity bill standing at 57,786 CR/PKR.

This solar system not only slashes electricity costs but also symbolizes a commitment to environmental responsibility. Positioned in the heart of residential living, it stands as a beacon of hope for the future of renewable energy. Embrace sustainability and usher in a new era with Saver-Solar PVT LTD’s innovative solutions.

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